Art, design, children, teaching, reading, speaking up or standing out?  Any or all of these things wake you up in the middle of the night? I’m a woman on a mission–a mission to help you figure out what you are passionate about.  Then, once you’ve figured that out, I want to help you go for it!  We each have limited time to make an impact on the world.  I know so many people who feel stuck.  When they were younger, they didn’t realize they had the option to follow their hearts–they needed to make a living so they fell into what ever came their way.  Now they’re older and feel like they’ve missed the boat–that it is too late.  {Does any of this sound familiar to you?}  To that I say “Not True!”  It is NEVER too late. Where did I come up with my business name?  I literally woke up one day and realized that I had to do something different.  I had to WAKE UP!  We all need to wake up.  We need to open our eyes.  Life is short.  Let’s make the most of out it! I will be following my own advice as we go along.  I will be modeling behavior for you.  Behavior that encourages heart following.  I am determined to change my life from that of someone who feels stuck to someone who feels free.  Won’t you join me?  Won’t you come along on this journey?  Let’s do this together.  We are so worth it.


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